RecStores is a company that organizes retail events in unique retail spaces and alternative urban areas. We install pop up stores in unconventional settings. We invent new commercial and cultural ways, which seeks to stimulate emotions and reformulate consumer’s eye. Aesthetics is our projects essential part, as well as communication, that we convey through 2.0 channels, linking always the brand with the visitor.


Retail and fashion event which takes places twice a year in Rec’s neighborhood (Barri del Rec). It lasts four days and takes place in June and November. Rec.0 is the biggest pop up store concentration in Europe, where brands and designers sell their stocks. During the shopping, we organize cultural events, such as concerts, conferences, exhibitions… Rec.0 started in 2009 and in the last edition, held i May 2018, it had 105 brands, 57 pop-up stores and we got 120.000 visitors in four days. Next edition will be from 7 to 10 November 2018.

Barri del Rec. Igualada.

Mercat del Pla is a Lleida’s historical center reestablishing project, by an innovative retail way. Inside a modernist market, and its surroundings, permanent outlet stores and pop up stores sell their stocks. The shopping focuses on fashion but it is also opened to other products and cuisine, which is increasing its importance. The market opened in April 2014.

Districte Mercat del Pla. Historical Center. Lleida.

Fallera Pop up is a retail event which took place in November 2012 in Valencia, in the neighborhood "Ciutat fallera." Pop up stores were installed inside artisan’s workshops, where they manufacture Valencian “falles”. 20 brands, located in 12 different spaces, sold their stocks for three days.

Barri Ciudat fallera. València.


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